Monday, January 27, 2020
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 Monday 10:00 AM Tai Chi
  10:00 AM Pool
  11:15 AM EDGU
  1:00 PM Shuffleboard
Tuesday 1:00 PM Quilting, Needlework, Knitting & Crocheting
Wednesday 10:00 AM Tai Chi
  1:00 PM Line Dancing
Thursday 10:00 AM Tai Chi
  1:00 PM BINGO
Friday 9:00 AM Floor Curling
  1:00 PM Cribbage


Executive: 2nd Thursday of each month @ 10am
General: 3rd Monday of each month @ 1:30

by public health nurses

On the FIRST Tuesday of the month at
the Golden Age Center.
Sponsored by the
Ladies Auxiliary of the Yukon Order of Pioneers.

8:00 AM


Last Monday of the each month,
except June, July, August and December.

Please note:
There will be no advance reserving of tables or seats.

6:00 PM