Saturday, October 20, 2018
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Who Can Join Yukon Council On Aging?

Anyone 55 years of age or older. Current membership entitles you to four quarterly newsletters and full voting privileges at general meetings of the Council.

Anyone less than 55 years of age may join as associate member. However they do not have voting privileges at general meetings.

Membership Fee: $10.00 per year
MembershipYear: April 1st  -  March 31st

Membership Application

Volunteer Opportunities:

Seniors/Elders have acquired many skills through life experiences. We welcome volunteers to:

  • Assist seniors record life experiences

  • Assist with the production of the Sourdough Chronicle

  • Organize education sessions

  • Word process a variety of materials

  • Design survey forms

  • Research seniors' issues

  • Help with communications

Seniors and elders who volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors and its committees will find the experience rewarding and interesting.